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"I drove here from Toronto and haven't unpacked yet."When did that trip take place, exactly? "Uh, like, uh, nine or 10 months ago."The most important thing to know about Cera is that out of all the classic Hollywood movie-star options open to a guy like him last night, he chose none.Instead, he stayed home, downed a couple of classy movies (Luis Bunuel's , turned in fairly early for him ( a.m.), woke up fairly early, played a few games of tennis with his pal Jake, got his ass kicked (3-6, 2-6), and got on with the day, guilt-free and unburdened by a hangover."But, like, if I'm walking with my friends, and my car is parked on the street, and they don't realize it, I'll be like, ' Hey, guys!' and kick it, and they'll get really freaked out. "Cera, 22, admires his kickable car for a moment, arms folded, blocking any view of its interior. A suitcase sits plopped on the passenger seat, sprung open, clothes mashed in and overflowing. It's overstuffed with winter clothes, books, big blankets, CDs, DVDs, random pieces of fabric, wadded-up pieces of paper, a keyboard, batteries, various geologic-like strata of detritus and crud.Looking back at those days, Cera says, "I had a really fun childhood, and I've had a pretty trauma-free life, which scares me sometimes.I haven't been properly pre­pared for any pain, really."At the age of three, he took to bed with chicken pox and watched so often that he'd soon memorized the entire movie, line for line.His mom ran a day care, his father was a Xerox-machine repair technician.He had a good family, good friends, and nothing bad ever happened.

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By the time he was 10, he'd been in a Pillsbury Doughboy ad (big first line: "Hey, let's make one humongous cookie! About the most trouble he ever got in he never even got in - it all happened in his mind. Around this time, Cera was rumored to be dating comedian Charlyne Yi and went along with her idea to semi-fictionalize their relationship and turn it into a motion picture.

People were asking for his autograph and staring at him while he ate. " even though, of course, he didn't play Mc Lovin. This very small, very round, very excited woman approached him. "Are you the guy from "Uh, yeah." "You look just like my fiance. " She threw her arms around him and said, "Can I suck your dick? "And the cigarette smoke was just falling out of her mouth. And then I saw her pull her shirt down for some other guy.

He found all the attention unset­tling, like what happened one night outside an L. There was something demonic and terrifying about it. And all it did was make me put a few more bricks in the wall I already have."He grew up in the Heart Lake section of Brampton, Ontario, near Toronto.

Then he steps to the side and suddenly you can see why he might not want anyone peeking inside. One can only imagine what any girls of his acquain­tance must think.

It looks like a homeless person is living out of it."Yeah, well," Cera says.

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