Updating path in bash shell

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However, computer configurations vary widely, so the procedure does not work for every system.In these cases, you should be able to find the necessary information from your operating system documentation or the Internet.In any event, it may be helpful to some users to know what is really going on under the hood. A slight complication is that Unix-like operating systems (including Linux and Mac OSX) offer various different flavors of the command-line processor, called "shells," and the way you set environment variables depends on which shell you are using.The default shell on Mac OS is However, it's a bit of a nuisance to rember to do this every time to want to work with Python, so the more usual thing is to create a configuration file in your home directory, using any text editor, and put the above command into that file. You can put as many commands in this file as you want; they will all be executed each time you create a new terminal window. (Files that begin with a period are invisible in the Finder, so it can be a bit tricky to open them in some text editors) The other commonly used shell is you have installed Python, then the default python command may not point to the Python you installed, because the installer may not have set up a configuration file for the new shell you are using.To edit the bash_profile, change to your home directory (ie: /home/myname) and type....

The way to modify the path variable permanently is to edit the bash_profile file (assuming you are using the default bash shell).To see what is currently listed in the path, type: If you modified your $PATH variable correctly, the command should report the version of ADT.There is still one problem, however; the next time you fire up a new terminal window, you will notice that the new entries in the path are no longer there.environment variable, which lists the directories Python should look in (besides the default ones) when a script imports a module.Get ready for some truly geeky stuff below, but most users will not need to know about shells in this amount of detail.

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