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Meantime it's announced via press release and a video interview with Jessica that "boyfriend Scott Moir" would choreograph Jessica's short. Now that Jessica has blindsided Bryce during his injury after he's stood by her during her frequent injuries, resistant work ethic, aversion to taking responsibility, moodiness, absent learning curve and unwillingness to undertake anything outside her limited comfort zone, fans on different skating boards are assuming it's because Jessica never enjoyed skating with Bryce after the "triangle" with Scott Moir they were led to believe existed.Many fans don't understand that training habits affect the personal relationship between skating partners more than vice versa. A starfish in a small French-Canadian bowl who wants the perks without the work.Jessica Dube at 23 is coddled, humored, excused at every turn, jollied along and brightly encouraged like she's a fucking six-year-old, whether in the Kiss NCry or on her facebook wall and photo albums.The reality is Olympics were over and she was out of excuses.

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When she ended her first partnership, new partners came to try out with her, and Bryce was the one who relocated, went to school online, learned a new language, joined her training centre.Look what happens when Bryce gets injured and Jessica gets to play dilettante for a season.It's an opportunity to opt out and play dilettante for life.Skate Canada can be counted on to fund Jessica's singles training despite her age and being sixth at best in Canada; she'll receive assignments she doesn't deserve despite her only landing a two footed triple lutz at Nationals.Because it's Skate Canada which created the monster (in the literary sense) that is Jessica Dube, and persisted even after the writing was on the wall.

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