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It started off with Bluetack adding some IP addresses to its “Level 1 blocklist” that belonged to ESET (NOD32) update servers.

“Level 1” is the term that Bluetack use for their lists containing (according to site admin ‘monk’): The IP addresses added were to, to and to, according to this forum post on the NOD32 support forum.

However, ESET didn’t take too kindly to this disruption of its business.

A representative from ESET tried to contact Bluetack, to see about the removal from the list.

‘m00re’ said “whomever the person/persons are that made the flawed decision to maliciously target a non threatening application like PG2 is clearly a moron.” whilst ‘firstaid’ suggested that “people call them and have them stop having their product remove PG2 from their systems.” ESET defended the addition, “By blocking update and threatsense servers detection of Peer Guardian as potentially unwanted application is fully justified as it could disrupt normal operation of NOD32 and or ESS.” However, ESET has now changed it’s mind, saying “We have reconsidered detection of Peer Guardian and it will be removed in the upcoming update.

Bluetack administrator ‘m00re’ told Torrent Freak that the IPs were added because “someone noticed them on a torrent”.

The version 2 and Peer Block can in fact be considered forks which have degraded the features and limited the support to Win32 platforms.

On the other hand the Peer Guardian 1 client keeps cross-platform compatibility and is still maintained (last release is March 2015).

This article needs an overall revision to put upfront the "original" version of peerguardian, which is still well maintained, and frame all other versions as failing forks (which are indeed discontiued).

jaromil (talk) , 14 September 2015 (UTC) I split up the different versions into their own sub-sections, added more content there around the new features and new references. group_id=131687&atid=721926 This is neither a bug nor an issue.

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