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She emphasises everything, which often leads to her flatmates' doing something behind her back, such as adding soap and cleaning chemicals to her yoghurt.The Fake Diabetic – A woman who fakes diabetic hypoglycemia so she can have special offers and free items at shops and supermarkets, and which the staff treats seriously. The Oblivious Women – Consists of three women (in different sketches) who are completely oblivious to very obvious things.

Seasons 1-3 plus the Christmas Specials are available in the UK i Tunes store.Dating Agency Videos – A part of almost every episode, we see different women or often sisters/couples looking for a partner/partners.This was at first represented by a title screen featuring a picture of the person, and their name and age. Irritating Flatmate – An irritating nurse who shares a flat with two of her colleagues.As well as the three principal cast members, the show was written by a large number of writers, the core of which went on to write Green Wing and Campus.In Germany, the first transmission of the show aired on Pro Sieben, where the theme tune was changed to Texas' 2001 version of I Don't Want a Lover, and featured a different title sequence.

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