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By watching the JConsole on the monitoring server, I can see that the event generator checks and notices the failed connection, but it doesn't follow up by sending out the message like it should. If I forcibly restart the event monitor task on the monitoring server, it then sends out that alert about the failed connection...this could be hours from when the actual event actually happened.

Thousands of files were broken when they introduced Word 2010, and I've yet to see any substantial action to recover them. We're noticing some senders (specifically, other Lotus Notes team database IDs) email's are coming in flagged normal priority.If anyone has any insights to this problem, or the console message, please let me know.I have tried contacting IBM's support about this, but that was a lesson in futility. Well, to get more information, I believe there're two Notes.How can we create a summary report and get a signature from the client onto that document in the field? An extra piece of hardware is probably not what you want, but they (or someone else) might have a software 'signature pad' that could capture the signature image.The image of the signature will be unique since no one signs *exactly* the same way each time.

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