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Alaska, BCA original, Continental, Excel, Futura, Lion, Lion Air, Sky and 3 new versions: Arkefly, Spice Jet and XL join the fleet.When we began work on 'Project X'; an operations-critical level we call OPS we discussed it with a number of pilots.The EFIS Technical Upgrade allows for both the use of TCAS as well as an incorporation of Ariane's new EGPWS Terrain Radar Technical Upgrade.Combining both EFIS and EGPWS together, represents another quantum leap forward in development in the systems side of Ariane's development.One of the most comprehensive pack types produced to date, OPS is for pilots who want to fly airline flights with all the realism but without the complexity.Inside, the pack is a host of liveries and variants, a mass of PRINT-READY papers (IFR Filing Sheets, Airport Maps, Fuel/Load Out Sheets etc.) and a range of the airlines LOAD & FLY Company Routes ready to be imported into the FMC.VSD, EGPWS and EFIS Displays (with LBs/KGs conversions in-menu) will be available as single product Tech APP retro-fits for all Boeing 737 aircraft via the new TECH APPS Section and will work seamlessly with Global Service Pack (see base of this page). Ariane today announces that the world's first Terrain System it released for the 700er (EGPWS) is being released for the entire Boeing 737 Range. The NEW and very advanced BOEING 737-700ER Our new Boeing showcases a range of new technologies and advancements (including the very new and advanced EGPWS Terrain Display System, a first for FSX!!! One of the advanced new features of X2.5 is the ability to inject extra FPS.

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The display system, also known as the 'Compact Display System' is of the same display orientation in use by such companies as Southwest in the US.A new CFM56 Engine & Sounds Pack is under final development.Ariane Studios has been working with leading sound engineers and Boeing Pilots for years, making their sounds among the leading enhancements in the world.More detailed and accurate versions are now complete as Phase One of the release numbering 55 to 60 rolls out.Get ready for a brand new version of the Boeing 737-800 in the X2 Series.

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