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And this type of parking garage typically lasts longer as well.Consider that a parking garage with no ancillary amenities becomes dated quite quickly.While many locals scoff at the idea of constructing a residential building without any associated parking, the reality is that in most cities, this forms the basis of a downtown urban environment.It’s a direction in which we must move if we want to stay competitive with the other great urban areas of North America.In still other areas, such as West Main at the Davenport Grand, parking garages have paid no attention to the impact that they have on the pedestrian and even the vehicular environment. In this case, Worthy abdicates his responsibility with use of public sidewalks. One side of the structure is more open than the other, despite the fact that only the entrance and exit need be open. When the parking lot is still referenced using the name of the building which preceded it, you know that its destruction was a mistake. I thought that Kendall Yards was supposed to be the ultimate pedestrian-friendly neighborhood, Greenstone? Streetfront retail, significant architectural interest, lots of glass, and two-toned concrete.

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In Spokane, this could work in certain areas where parking garages create issues in the pedestrian environment.Local leaders should also look into purchasing lots which have been stagnant as surface parking lots for many years, in effort to entice developers.If parcels cannot be purchased, then a list of property owners should be compiled in order to allow clarity for potential developers.Or at least make our obsession with parking more bearable in terms of creating spaces which are human-scaled, vibrant, and exciting.But while adapting to our environment would certainly be one path forward, the more exciting possibility is reducing our need for parking in the first place.

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