Dating my husbands nephew

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She went up first with the kids to get the house in order, while I stayed behind another month to sell our house and then drive back with our belongings.I get up there and every thing seems fine(except that bastard is living right next door) Now keep in mind I gave my wife STRICKED orders to stay the fuck away from the dude, he wasnt to be at the house, she wasnt to be talking to him, and she was sure the hell not to be drinking( I know how she gets).I get maybe two hours sleep a night, and usualy wake up from nightmares.advice? I don’t know what to do or who to trust any longer. My mother and younger sister are trying to shield me from the hurt and heartache as they have refused to tell me what they saw. It even led to my having to resign my appointment from the bank where I worked to take care of myself.She swore she would never call him again, and I insisted she stay real clear. She calls about two hours later like nothing happend..The troubles with him continued, and my Father got sick.needed to move back down to the other state to take care of him. Tells me she had a friend call in the middle of the night and needed some one to talk to.

I am yet to let them know I heard everything they discussed that fateful day, two weeks ago. And when the blessing came, it was one ailment after the other during the first trimester of the pregnancy.

I knew right then and there I knew who ever it was.. No matter what happens to me, it will never be my worst day. My husband decided to stay with me, and I know it is dr.marnish's work which has achieved this miracle for me, Thanks to [email protected] am also glad to give out his number 15036626930 for those in need of help to consult him personally, i thank him from the bottom of my heart. Sorry, I know things get complicated when kids are involved, but still. She screwed him for NINE months, while you were working your ass off trying to support your family, caring for your sick father, and unloading your belongings into new houses.

I demanded she tell me for about an hour, she finaly comes clean and says my nephews name... I didnt eat or drink water for four days, she claims she is sorry and begging for a second chance... My EX-wife (married 8 years) cheated on me with a 22 year old.

That sent up red flaggs for me, and I got real curious, I grabbed her phone and checked the call logs, she had been talking to this guy several time, and some calls were near an hour long. I moved all my crap to the downstairs apartment, and waited for showed and I threw him around a little bit trying to get answers from comes down and defends him, wants me not to hurt him, but claims its because the kids can hear.

I of course flipped out and accused her of being up to no good, she claimed they were just friends.. I let him go, and after four days of family coming by reasuring me sje would never do that I gave in and moved back upstairs.

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