Dating canadian military men

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Helping us out with their personal picks were historians J. He joined the Queen’s Own Rifles in 1861 and took command of one of three columns during the 1885 Northwest Rebellion. Mc NAUGHTON His best moments came during the First World War when he helped develop the Canadian Corps’ sophisticated and highly successful counter-battery operations.

In the South African War (1899-1902) he commanded the 2nd (Special Service) Battalion of the Royal Canadian Regiment. Utilizing the full scope of his technical and scientific genius, air observation, flash-spotting and sound-ranging were used to destroy 83 per cent of the enemy’s artillery at Vimy Ridge.

It fell to the First Canadian Army to clear the area between the Maas and Rhine Rivers, pushing German forces eastward over the Rhine. For the first time in history, two Canadian army corps were fighting together.

And with an international strength now of more than 450,000 men, the First Canadians became the largest army ever commanded by a Canadian officer.

The Canadians were greeted as heroes as they liberated small towns and major cities, including The Hague.

Many times his relations with high-ranking leaders were strained to the breaking point.In late March, as other Allied armies crossed the Rhine into Germany, the First Canadian Army began rooting out German forces in the remainder of the Netherlands.The Canadians faced stiff fighting in places, and were also hampered by the broken roads, bridges and other infrastructure destroyed by the fleeing Germans, who blew up some of the dykes in the western Netherlands, flooding parts of the countryside.More than 7,600 Canadian soldiers, sailors and airmen died fighting in the Netherlands.They are buried today in official war cemeteries across the country.

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