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Twine also allows for branching storylines and decision making which allow for juxtaposition.By having an option for a more “traditional” relationship as opposed to a relationship that society would not be quick to accept, we were able to tailor the difficulty to simulate the difficulties that are present in the real world.To reach the “good end” of the homosexual relationship for example is more difficult than reaching the “good end” of the heterosexual relationship.The option to make decisions that matter in our game display the tightrope that these couples have to walk in order to be accepted by society.On November 25, 2009 he Opened his Second account Known as My Altereee GO in Which he began to Upload videos in which he felt shouldn't go on his Main Account (Vlogs, Behind The Scenes, Bloopers, Music, Ect.) He Even Stated: "Myaltereee GO is my third channel, where I will have extra behind the scene footage like outlakes and bloopers to Cholo Adventures vato and not Random Weekly videos of the things that go on in my Personal Life.. a place where you will get to know me (e GO) a whole lot BETTER. on September 16, 2008 he Uploaded the First of Many Cholo Adventures which was very successful spawning a Series Known as Cholo Adventures.The Reason he Chose Supereee GO as his Username is because The Letters "E" "G" "O" are his Initials, his name being Eric G. He Also stated that his username was going to be Supere GO, But it was Taken so he Chose Superee GO, but that was also taken until finaly settling with Supereee GO.

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Being a member of the gay community and an ethnic minority is a difficult position to be in.

We are all unique & each have our own special quirks & interests but what we have in common are tonnes of passion, talent & experience.

We are massively committed to helping our clients enjoy an experience which can often push them right out their comfort zone.

These variables are hidden to the player because people are not always aware if they are performing the correct action to conform to societal norms.

An example of the means of how a variable directly affects the game play is that only certain decisions are available to the player if his meter is of a certain level.

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