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When her orgasm died down Aron took his mouth away from his sisters lips and said with a big Smile for Christ sake Kirsty keep the noise down you will have dad in here in a minute, sorry she said but I have climaxed when doing it myself but Christ never anything like that Wow that was fucking wonderful.Aron started to move his fingers again and this time he pushed a finger inside her and started to move his finger in and out of her pussy her thick pubic hair was matted already with her cum juice and as Aron pushed his finger in and out of her Kirsty 's head was being thrown side to side saying YES, YES, Yes each time his finger entered her, Aron clamped his mouth over one of her nipples, Kirsty took a deep breath as he did Oh yes she said then he moved from her nipple and started to kissing down over her stomach kissing softly as he went, then he opened her legs and knelt between them still fingering cunt as he did this the started to kiss her again from her belly button and reached her black pubic hair and he ran his tongue though it to the top of her slit licking of the cum that had been place on it as he fingered her, he had now reached her clit he pushed his tongue though her bush and found her clit and as his tongue touched the tip of it she cried out again as a orgasm went though her.My son has a girlfriend and she gets on really well with my Daughter Kirsty, My son Aron dotes over his sister and would do anything for her.So that the family so my daughter was staying with a friend for the day she dose this about once a week as she thinks I need a break and tells me to get myself down the pub so that is what I done, My phone rang and Aron said where are you dad I just got home and no one's in, my day off son I said I am down the pub having a pint, stay right there he said I am on my way, so Aron joined me and we sat there having a chat when I ask him why is it you only have Kerry over to stay about once a mouth you know she is always welcome to stay as much as she wants to, not worried she might come and warm my bed and have a man, Yea right Aron laughed.Ok but just one more thing if you want me to stop at anytime you just have to say and I will, with that he lent over and kissed his sister once again and then stood up, slowly lifting his top up and over his head and as he did this Kirsty raised her hand and touched his stomach and ran her hand over it, she grabbed the belt of his jeans and pulled his to the bedside and she undo the belt and button looking into Aron's eyes all time time, then she took a deep breath and lowered the zip and eased her hand inside his jeans and shorts.

He placed a hand under her top and he must have taken hold of her breast as Kirsty took a sharp in take of breath and let out a soft Mmmmmmmmm and I could just make out his hand moving under her top, Aron pulled away from kissing Kirsty and placed both hands on the bottom of her top and slowly lifted it up revealing her well firm breasts I help Kirsty bath so I had seen her tits many times but this was the first time Aron had and he said OH MY GOD Kirsty what wonderful tits you have so bloody firm and the nipples so hard and long and with that he lent forward and took a nipple in his mouth and licked it and kissed it.Kerry love you like a sister and she was a bit shocked at first but when she had thought about it she could see the sense in it and gave us her blessing so you don't have to worry I can give you what you want when you want and it will be hurting no one you never know I said I might even talk her into joining us one day how would that be my dear sister he said.Oh my I have never thought about another woman but I yes it would be nice just to see but I will not get my hopes up as long as I know I have you now and you can give me so much pleasure I will be happy with that Aron turned and just before he turned the baby monitor back on he said maybe next time we should leave this on and give dad something to listen to and keep it in the family. As you have now read this story and if you like it or did not like it please let me know I love to have feedback on my stories, and like some have done be brave and add a photo of how or what you did to yourself while reading the story. My wife, Amy, had left to go see her sister for a few days, apparently her and her husband were having some marriage troubles and she wanted to be there to support her. My cock instantly stirred to life as I rubbed the jelly off her face. Davis." she said, looking up at me with those beautiful emerald eyes. I knew you were a warm, caring man and you are definitely the sexiest man I ever met. "If we are being honest here I find you very attractive and dressed like this, sexy as well. Putting a hand behind her head I crushed my lips to her as she opened her mouth to receive my tongue to play with hers. I could feel the young girl's passion as I held her close, her heart was racing and her breathing ragged.

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