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Sometimes it's still hard to get dressed and nappy changed etc, however overall she's a bit more cooperative than she was a few weeks ago.Aliana seems to be following Majandra's example when it comes to pretty things.Yep, she still loves the boob - almost 12 months longer than Majandra did.Once I get the steamed milk ready, next thing is Milo which she calls MAMO and then MAT to sit on the mat and put the Milo in the cup by herself (usually making a mess in the process but it's all learning).

Christmas Dinner was roast vetgetables and cold turkey with apple sauce, and for dessert was pavlova with mixed berries including blackberries we picked down the back of our block. All in all, Christmas a fairly low-key and stress-free event this year.

They had Santa arrive on a Fire Engine, there was heaps of food and the kids got to go for a ride on the back of the Fire Engine.

Aliana was scooped up by one of the local girls, and taken for a ride right up top of the truck. This Christmas show was also a good chance to catch up with our new neighbours, who are actually are also new to the area having moved in only a month ago. Aliana has calmed down a bit from the terrible two's or whatever cranky-pants phase she was going through.

We didn't stay long as the girls were tired, probably just long enough to make it worthwhile (and time for BBQ Coffee Donuts of course).

Christmas Day was nice - Majandra got up first and Aliana was up before long.

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