Backdating tax credits

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I rang the Child Tax Credit office as soon as I received the new award letter and the gentleman on the phone said he "thought" that it should have been backdated but was not 100% sure as the guidelines he had where not very clear on if the award could be backdated more than the standard 31 days.

He took my details and was going to pass the case over to another department as he said that he was not allowed to backdate awards, as all backdating had to go through this other department.

I was just wondering how you managed to get yours backdated?

Hi I'm just wondering how long it took for tax credits to send out ur award letter and did u get urs backdated at least 31 days?

Sam xx Well I rang HMRC this morning to be told that they are NOT backdating my CTC claim to the award date of my son DLA and will only backdate it the 31 days! I was told I'll have to wait for the paperwork saying this and then make an appeal within 30 days! I asked to make a formal compliant and was put through to the complaints department , who has taken my complaint and I'll hear from them in 3 weeks.

The gentleman did say if would email the department responsible for backdating claims and see if he could get them to change the date to when my son became entitled to DLA.

I've heard of people not getting lump sums but having it spread over the year as well x Hi ladies am new to netmums and looking for some advice.

It only took the Child Tax Credit office just under two weeks to make the new award following the DLA award, so I'm now concerned as to why it is taking longer this time around.

Could those of you who have had your Child Tax Credits backdated please tell me if they where backdated to the standard 31 days or to the DLA award start date.

Hi Everyone, I'm after a bit of information from those of you who have had your Child Tax Credits backdated following your child being awarded DLA.

My son was awarded DLA last month and I contacted the Child Tax Credit office the day I received his award letter from the DWP.

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