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It also happened to another gringo using (Medellín Marriage Agency)." "I joined the basic membership and 8 out of 12 emails came back undeliverable.

One Latin woman wrote me back to tell me she is married and living in the United States.

(See the entry for agency in Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary, G.

I am sure there are enough attractive ladies without having a site with so much ´dead wood.´" "I´ve personally purchased over 100 addresses in the last year with not one reliable contact." "I did pay for an email membership and a personal listing from (Latin Marriage Agency), but never received any email addresses. I never received a response to my email asking what´s going on or to my phone messages.I wasted so much valuable time unnecessarily and the staff did not admonish them. My time is way too valuable to be sitting and waiting for my date.The problem was that it was not just a few no-shows, but way too many to count.If you pay and take a trip to Cali, expect to meet very average-looking women through his contact there.Far from the quality of women who are posted on his web site." "Generally, this morally and ethically-challenged marriage agency overstates their results in all aspects of their business.

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