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Professor Clare Tilbury, Leneen Forde Chair of Child and Family Research, School of Human Services and Social Work, Griffith University.Clare is a member of the Griffith Criminology Institute.The research team: Professor Clare Tilbury, Griffith University. DOI: 10.1093/bjsw/bcv123 Reducing Recurrence in the Child Protection System Australian Research Council Linkage Project 2013-2016.Chief Investigators Clare Tilbury, Paul Mazerolle and Hennessey Hayes (Griffith Criminology Institute).

REFER TO GOOGLE SCHOLAR (see link at left) FOR CURRENT PUBLICATIONSSelected current projects: Advancing social work research Australian Research Council Discovery Project 2017-2017.

The point is to just join in, to try, and to make music, regardless of your musical expertise.

Our first rehearsal was on Thursday 10th September 2015, when 18 musicians met for the very first time..

We play 3 or 4 concerts a year, with proceeds going to charity or local community projects. Rehearsals are on Saturday afternoons, usually 4 or 5 over a few months proceeding each concert (i.e. We're a group of local people who enjoy music and who wanted to be part of an orchestra.

Some of us are a little rusty from practice, some haven't been playing for very long and others are, well, pretty good!

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